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NATO and Afghanistan

NATO and Afghanistan

NATO and Afghanistan

NATO’s primary objective in Afghanistan is to enable the Afghan authorities to provide effective security across the country and ensure that the country can never again be a safe haven for terrorists. Since August 2003, the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) has been conducting security operations, while also training and developing the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF). Launched in 2011, the transition to full Afghan security responsibility is due to be completed at the end of 2014, when ISAF’s mission will end. NATO plans to lead a follow-on mission to train, advise and assist the ANSF after 2014, and to continue to contribute to the long-term sustainment of those forces. Wider cooperation will also continue within the framework of the NATO-Afghanistan Enduring Partnership, signed in 2010 at the Lisbon Summit. NATO’s Senior Civilian Representative in Afghanistan carries forward the Alliance's political-military objectives there, liaising with the Afghan government, civil society, representatives of the international community and neighbouring countries.



Afghans dive into water polo

30 Jun. 2014

A little over a year ago, the sport of water polo was largely unknown in Afghanistan but with a recent explosion in the number of swimming pools opening across the country, a fledgling Olympic team has been established with high hopes for the future.

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    30 Jun. 2014

    A little over a year ago, the sport of water polo was largely unknown in Afghanistan but with a recent explosion in the number of swimming pools opening across the country, a fledgling Olympic team has been established with high hopes for the future.

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    20 Jun. 2014

    Herat Ice cream recently won a landmark award for producing the best ice cream in Afghanistan. Their factory in Herat city produces 30 metric tonnes of high-quality Afghan ice cream daily.

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    19 Jun. 2014

    An Afghan mime artist is taking his talent to schools in order to help educate children about the importance of performing arts. Kaveh Ayreek's regular visits are met with such enthusiasm that some children aspire to be mime artists themselves.

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    17 Jun. 2014

    The German military is using various routes to ship equipment back home from Afghanistan. Armoured vehicles are being flown out of country to Turkey, where they are loaded onto ships.

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    14 Jun. 2014

    Afghans took to the polls once again today in the run-off of the Presidential elections. The two candidates to choose from are Dr Abdullah Abdullah who received 45 percent of the vote in April and Dr Ashraf Ghani who had 32 percent.

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    12 Jun. 2014

    District Police Chief Shah Rahman, an Afghan cop for 35 years is responsible for Police District 2 (PD2), a central Kabul area.


NATO and Afghanistan - Questions & Answers 01 Sep. 2012 This brochure is intended to answer several important and frequently asked questions about NATO's role in Afghanistan. 
NATO Rule of Law Field Support Mission (NROLFSM) 01 Jun. 2011 On 9 June 2011, the Defence Ministers from the 48 nations of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) endorsed the NATO Rule of Law Field Support Mission (NROLFSM).  
Helping secure Afghanistan's future 25 Jun. 2008 As part of wider international efforts, NATO-led forces are working to help secure Afghanistan's future and prevent the country from being used as a base for terrorists again. 
Afghanistan Report 2009 02 Apr. 2009 This Annual Report offers a general look at progress in each of the three main lines of effort in which NATO-ISAF is involved, directly or in a supporting role: security, governance and development. And it goes beyond setting out only what NATO-ISAF has done; it attempts to provide the reader with a broader and more balanced picture, including both elements of progress and those areas in which more needs to be done. 
Afghanistan Progress Report 02 Apr. 2008 The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) has been operating in Afghanistan for several years, and this report offers a snapshot of progress in the main areas where the international community provides support to the Afghan Government. 

NATO Review

Afghanistan post-2014: what's Russia's view? 28 Feb. 2014 Russia's interest in what happens in Afghanistan and Central Asia is well known. What isn't is how they see their involvement in the region after 2014, after the ISAF operation in Afghanistan ends. NATO Review asks what the Russian approach will be and what issues are of most interest to them. 
Ahmed Rashid: It's about ballots, not boots 09 Aug. 2013 In Afghanistan in 2014, the drawdown of international forces will be the key. Wrong, says Ahmed Rashid. The elections are the one single event that will have the most important effect on the future of the country, he argues. 
Afghanistan snapshot: how the experts see it 15 May. 2012 Four prominent Afghans give their views on the country’s elections, priorities, women’s rights and fight against corruption. 
Teaming, Transparency, and Transition in Afghanistan 19 Oct. 2011 Trainers play the central role in transition to Afghans leading Afghan security. Lieutenant General William Caldwell was the first man to head up the training mission designed to give Afghan trainers the skills they need. As he prepares to leave his post, he gives an assessment of what's been achieved - and what remains to be done. 
Afghanistan's story in pictures 19 Oct. 2011 Afghanistan is a photojournalist's paradise. The light and colours make for great photos. The people make for engaging subjects. And the country's stories make for a gripping tale. Here, we publish some of the most striking images. 
My journey, my country 19 Oct. 2011 First, I fled Taliban brutality. Then I spent time in refugee camps in Iran and Pakistan. Finally, I found myself working in Dubai. I heard one evening BBC Radio announcing the assassination of the Northern Alliance commander Ahmad Shah Massoud by two Arabs. Two days later, I was watching CNN when I saw a plane crash into the World Trade Center. I thought it was a movie. But then I switched over to Al Jazeera and the BBC. I realised it was real. 
Double vision - an Afghan-American view 19 Oct. 2011 Imagine being an Afghan-American in September and October 2001. Both your countries were attacked. One by the other. How did Afghan-Americans react? Where were their allegiances? And what could they do to help both countries? We asked an Afghan-American how he dealt with this dilemma. 
2014: New Afghanistan's year zero? 14 Nov. 2011 2014 promises to be one of the most important years for Afghanistan in decades. As the country prepares to take the full lead for its own security following the draw down of international forces, NATO Review asks three experts about how pivotal they see the year. 
Enduring Partnerships: is corruption now Afghanistan's main battlefield? 14 Apr. 2011 NATO has started an 'Enduring Partnership' with Afghanistan. As the transition to an Afghan lead in security begins, NATO Review asks if the fight against corruption in the country will become a key theme of this new partnership. What would failing to beat corruption mean - for Afghanistan and NATO? 
Archive of NATO Review articles on Afghanistan 15 Oct. 2012 All articles from the NATO Review related to Afghanistan 

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