NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

23 Oct. 2009

Defence Ministers mark progress on Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS) Programme

In the margins of their informal meeting in Bratislava on 22-23 October 2009, Defence Ministers gathered briefly to mark progress on the Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS) programme, which is conducted by a group of 15 Allied nations . The Ministers met in front of a 1/20 scale model of a NATO marked Global Hawk Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), which will form the air segment of an Alliance-wide Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance capability.

In September, the AGS Programme Memorandum of Understanding (PMOU) entered into force after being signed by the 15 participating nations.  This is a significant step towards realising this essential operational capability for NATO. The NATO AGS Management Agency will now conduct negotiations with industry on behalf of the participating nations.

Earlier this year the North Atlantic Council selected Sigonella Air Base, Italy, as the location for the AGS Main Operating Base that will host the UAVs and the ground segment (flight control capabilities and necessary command and control systems).

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