Opening remarks

by NATO Secretary General, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer at the meeting of the North Atlantic Council with non-NATO KFOR contributing nations

  • Last updated: 19 Aug. 2008 10:01

La présente réunion des pays contribuant à la KFOR se tient à un moment important.  Le Kosovo traverse toujours une période délicate.  Dans trois jours seulement, les autorités au Kosovo vont assumer de nouvelles responsabilités, et le rôle des missions de l’ONU et de l’Union européenne sur place est appelé à connaître une évolution substantielle.

KFOR’s presence and mandate in Kosovo, however, have not changed.   KFOR will remain in Kosovo on the basis of UN Security Council resolution 1244, unless the Security Council decides otherwise.

We have agreed today to implement NATO’s new tasks in Kosovo.  With this decision, NATO will be able to assist Kosovo in building necessary, democratic security institutions.

KFOR will continue to help maintain a safe and secure environment for all throughout Kosovo.

Today, we will assess the security situation on the ground, ensure that we have the right forces in theatre, and discuss the way forward for the international community through this complicated period.