NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Arnór Sigurjónsson

Military Representative – Iceland

Born 17 April 1953

Academic Background

  • Graduate of lsafjördður College 1975
  • Graduate of the Nonnregia Army's Non-commissioned Officers School in Trondheim 1976.
  • Graduate of the Royal Norwegian Military Academy Oslo 1977-1980 as B.Sc.
  • Various courses in anti-terrorism, IEOD's etc. in Norway and the United Kingdom.

Professional Background

  • Sergeant, squad leader/Recce platoon/2/Bn. Northern Norway 1976-1977.
  • Commission Norwegian Army 1 May 1980 following graduation from Royal Military Academy.
  • Lieutenant, Instructor at the School for non-commissioned Officers in South-Norway 1980.
  • Service in NORBATT IV/UNlFlL Operations Center (UN Peacekeeping Force) 1980-1981.
  • Service in Bn and Bde operational level 1981-1982.
  • Service with the Planning and Operations Department of the Defence command of North-Norway 1982.
  • Deputy Chief Superintendent with the Reykjavik Police 1982-1985 as Chief Instructor and CO for the "Viking-team" anti-terrorist unit.
  • Appointment to the Defence Department of the lcelandic Ministry of foreign Affairs 1985.
  • Seconded to Plans and Policy Division International Military Staff, NATO Headquarters Brussels 1986-1989.
  • Defence Counselor Defence Department Ministry for Foreign Affairs, 1989-1994 as Counselor (Defence).
  • Assigned to the lcelandic Embassy, Washington 1994- 1998 as Counselor (Defence).
  • Assigned to the lcelandic Delegation to the North Atlantic Council on 1 July 1998, as Defence Advisor and Representative to the Military Committee.
  • Promoted to Minister-Counselor in January 1999.
  • Appointed to the Political Affairs Department , MFA 2002.
  • Appointed Director of the lceland Crisis Response Unit, February 2004.
  • Appointed Director Strategic Planning, January 2007.
  • Appointed Minister and National Representative to the SHAPE NMR Echelon including JFC, Brunssum and UECOM, Stuttgart, from July 2008.
  • Appointed as National Representative to NATO's Military Committee from September 2010 (in addition to SHAPE duties).

Married to Gudrun Matthiasdótttir, two children.

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