NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

07 Nov. 2007

New multinational engineering unit formed

A ceremony to mark the formation of a deployable multinational engineering unit was held NATO HQ in conjunction with the meeting of the Senior NATO Logisticians Conference (SNLC) on 7 November 2007.

Led by Romania, the unit also includes contributions from Bulgaria, Croatia and Georgia.  

The Romanian-led multinational engineering unit is only the second of its kind in the Alliance, as it follows in the footsteps of the Canadian-led multinational movements staff established in 2005.  Work continues to enable these units to be employed in NATO operations and exercises, including for the NATO Response Force. 

In his remarks, the Assistant Secretary General for Defence Policy and Planning Jirí Ĺ edivý, stressed that the creation of this engineering unit supports the overall goal of NATO to promote innovation in multinational cooperation.  As important as the additional capability for the Alliance in an area of need, is the experience gained in forming the multinational unit itself. 

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