NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

04 Oct. 2010

NATO Secretary General's statement on his meeting with the Foreign Affairs Minister of Pakistan

I had a good, open discussion with the Foreign Minister. I expressed my regret for the incident last week in which Pakistani soldiers lost their lives, and my condolences to the families.

Obviously, it was unintended. Obviously, we have to make sure we improve coordination between our militaries and our Pakistani partners.

There is a joint investigation underway. We will determine what happened, and draw the right lessons.

It is important that we step up our cooperation in the border region. We must together prevent militants from crossing the border to attack and kill Afghans and international soldiers.

Finally, I expressed my hope that the border will be open for supplies as soon as possible. The Foreign Minister committed work on that, for which I am grateful.

Last updated: 07-Oct-2010 14:31