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NATO Internship Programme 2015

We had a technical issue which made the application form not available.
It is now solved!
You can now apply until Tuesday 15th April 23h00 (Brussels time).

Dear candidates,

Do you study Political Science, International Relations or Security Studies?

Are you an interdisciplinary candidate with qualifications in Economics, Finance, or Human Resources?

Have you studied Information Technology, Web or Graphic design, or Library Sciences?
Do you study Aeronautics or Engineering?

Do you have a background in Media, or Journalism?
Do you speak Russian or Arabic?

Are you able to conduct independent research and analysis?

NATO needs your skills !

The 2015 call for applications for NATO-funded internships will open on 13th March and close on 15th April 2014 23h00 (Brussels time).

Candidates wishing to apply for a GRANT Funded only can submit their application through the online portal available under "Application".

NATO Headquarters (HQ) introduced its Internship Programme in 2004. The aim of the programme is to provide a small number of current or recent students with the opportunity to intern with the International Staff at NATO Headquarters in Brussels and in a few other NATO bodies.

There is one call for applications per year in Spring with two starting dates, in March and in September the following year. Internships will in principle last 6 months.