NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization

11 Dec. 1996

Work plan

for Dialogue, Partnership and Cooperation 1996/1997 - Annex on specific activities update for 1997

Economic Chapter1

  • Seminar in Prague and Workshop in the Slovak Republic on economic issues related to the defence budget and defence expenditures.
  • Annual NATO Economic Colloquium on "Economic developments and reforms in Cooperation Partners countries", to be organised by the Economics Directorate.
  • 3 Seminars in Poland, Romania and Ukraine and an enlarged Economic Committee meeting or Seminar in Bulgaria on subjects related to security aspects of economic development.

Challenges Of Modern Society (CCMS)


Add the following topic:

03 Environmental Security


Add the following pilot study topics to the existing list in the NACC Work Plan under activity 04:

  • Environmental security in an international context
  • Environmental management in the military sector
1. Due to practical constraints, it might be necessary to postpone the implementation of certain activities to the beginning of 1998.

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